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About us

Founded in 2021, we are a premier research facility based in Leamington, Canada - the heart of the greenhouse industry in North America. 

Our goal is to provide access to an operational commercial greenhouse facility, that can be used in the research and development of new Horticulture technologies.


The Facility

The high-tech Greenhouse facility provides 2 acres of growing area, that is serviced by climate controlled equipment to commercially produce Cucumbers, Peppers and Tomatoes.

The facility researches sustainable food production systems, improvements to greenhouse operations and new methods to further lower the carbon footprint of the industry. 

Industry Partnerships

The facility leverages partnerships with industry leaders, including backing from two Horticulture visionaries of ecoation and JEM Farms.

University Collaboration

The close working relationship with the Agriculture Department of University of Windsor, along with their collaboration with the Greenhouse technology Network, provides commercial experimental opportunities to the students and academic world.


Community Building

HORTECA provides a technical hub for local growers, commercial vendors and agriculture students to collaborate together to: 

  • Develop AgTech solutions

  • Research IPM techniques

  • Workshop AI solutions

  • Generate data for Machine Learning

  • Automate with Robotics

  • Prototype and test software

  • Commercialize MVP apps

The Leadership


Dr. Saber Miresmailli

Director and Co-founder of HORTECA.

Saber brings over two decades of horticulture experience from academia, technology and robotics. 

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Paul J. Mastronardi

Director and Co-founder of HORTECA.

Paul brings over a decade of experience managing commercial greenhouses in the Leamington area. 

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